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Friday, April 24, 2009

How to maximize your fan energy

Whether you’re at Fenway or rooting from home, your energy affects the game. Here are some specific techniques to help you get in the energetic groove, so that your invisible energies can make a difference:

Step away from your routine for a minute, to get focused. Fridays at 7pm is our chosen time slot just before the start of the regular Friday night game, to make it easy for fans to get into a regular rhythm.

Let go of other concerns for the moment, and focus on the Sox for just these 5 minutes. Whenever other thoughts surface (and they will!), just patiently bring your focus back to the task at hand.

Meditate, if you have prior experience. Take a few minutes to use your favorite approach to help your mind get more focused.

Breathe when you’re ready. Take one or two slow deep breaths as a way to release the past (literally and figuratively) and take in the present moment, because the present moment is your point of power.

Focus your attention on your energetic heart center, right in the middle of your sternum (not off to the left, where your physical heart lies). Imagine that the air is coming in and out of that point during your next few natural breaths.

Remember and recreate the feelings of appreciation and joy you have for the Red Sox in general, and your favorite player(s) in particular. Feel the feelings in your body, rather than just think about them in your head.

Imagine beaming this energy directly to the team and players, from your heart to theirs. And imagine or sense how their aura expands and shines when you make this energy connection.

No need to push them into specific actions (ie, a home run by Ortiz), just send the positive encouragement that your distant energy brings.

Just let it go after a minute or two (5 minutes is actually hard to sustain). Get back into watching and enjoying the game, and release your energy to work its magic.


Anonymous Amybeth said...

yea..still doin this religiously...they won 12 games since last time....The Promised Land is FENWAY PARK!!

1:15 PM  

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