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Fans, Scientists & Ballplayers
The Joy of Sox Movie is exploring the connection between mind and body, player and fan, individual and group consciousness... sports and spirituality. We've talked with leading scientists, ballplayers, and fans to add a new level of understanding - and questioning - to our society's fascination / obsession with sports.
David Ortiz: Red Sox Player: David was interviewed for The joy of Sox Movie at Fenway Park. He spoke with us about how he gets in "The Zone", focusing on positive thoughts and how important the positive vibes from fans and players are. David has a wonderfully contagious positive attitude and was a pleasure to interview.

Gabe Kapler: Former Red Sox Player: Gabe was interviewed in Los Angeles after he announced he was retiring to become a minor league manager. He talked to us about team chemistry and how it works on the field and in the clubhouse. He also spoke passionately about his interest to help young people develop - it was very inspiring.

Dr. William Tiller, PhD: Professor Emeritus, Stanford University: One of the featured scientists in "What the Bleep?" Dr. Tiller speaks about Fenway Park as a conditioned space, how team chemistry is a function of coherence on the quantum level led by a metronome player whose beat sets the tone for the entire team. Dr. Tiller also offered suggestions on how fans could be more effective rooting from the quantum level. Very interesting!

Gerry Remy: NESN Commentator and Former Red Sox Player: "There's nothing like having your home fans." Gerry was interviewed for The Joy of Sox at Fenway Park. He spoke to us about home field advantage and the impact of Red Sox Nation.

This veteran fan is moved every time he enters Fenway. He's seen it all, and it weighs heavy on his heart.
Dr. Larry Dossey: Author and Founding Editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Author of newly released, "The Healing Power of Ordinary Objects," Dr. Dossey, a Little League All Star, talks about the higher calling that sports offers society.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: Author of The Sense of Being Stared At: Dr. Sheldrake is intrigued by the fan - player relationship and what players feel when thousands of fans put their attention on them.

Dan Shaughnessy: "Fenway has a special vibe." Boston Globe Sports Columnist, Dan spoke to us about the impact Fenway Park has had on the Red Sox, the fans, and the two World Series wins.

This fan has seen more people having religious experiences at Red Sox games than in any church anywhere.

This fan(atic) feels that his mask has magical powers to make things happen on the field.

The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention is produced by 2 Cousins Productions and Pinch Hit Productions. © 2006 The Joy of Sox Movie LLC. For more information, contact

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