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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A weekly test of Fan Power (3/21/09)

Spring is officially here, Spring Training is almost over, and it’s time for us to start practicing what we’ve been preaching. Group intentionality isn’t just an esoteric topic for a documentary film, it can also be a key ingredient in the upcoming Red Sox season. We fans can harness this intangible factor to give our boys an extra boost, but only if we follow these two main guidelines:

Quality – We can send the most potent positive vibes possible to our team, by learning the “Joy” techniques of energy activation.

Quantity – We have to get as many members of Red Sox Nation on board as possible to participate in this group project. There’s strength in numbers, and your help matters.

Here’s the goal - We’re going to enlist thousands of Sox fans to do a weekly experiment in distant group support. We’ve chosen Friday nights at 7pm EDT as the time slot for a regular 5-minute group meditation, since that’s just before the 7:05pm start of their regular Friday night games. Everyone on our email list will be getting instructions on how to generate positive energies, and by going viral with our email list, we’ll generate a critical mass of supporters to help the Sox win.

Going viral is the first step. We’ve already got 1000 names on our mailing list, but 10,000 would be even better. So your job, dear reader, is to contact one or two of your closest Sox fan-friends, and send them to our website so they can sign on to our mailing list and learn how to join in the fun.

Be creative – Tell all your FaceBook friends, and ask them to spread the word. My Space, too. Twitter, YouTube, whatever. Mention this project on your own website, and tell your faith community (after all, intercessory prayer is pretty similar to what we’re doing here). You know who your die-hard friends are, so invite them on board now!

How to do it – The most important point we’ve learned is to be positive with your rooting. “Go Sox!” is actually more effective than “Yankees suck!”. Let your feelings come from the heart, and let yourself get into that sense of enjoyment and eager anticipation. Future blog posts will provide more details, like how to overcome doubts and worries, how to focus in on your favorite players, and other related tips to improve your energetic impact. But for starters, these are the key points.

Is it working? We’ll keep track of the Friday night games during the season, especially the first innings. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Sox developed the habit of outscoring their opponents in the first innings, jumping out to an early lead they never relinquish? And we’d be the only ones who knew why!

So let us know what you think. Send us your creative tips for growing this project, and we’ll keep you up to date with new information on distant intentionality and how to use it in your daily life – to benefit the Sox, and to benefit you.


Anonymous AmyBethParravano said...

yes yes YES! Mind over matter
what matters is that everyone FOCUS
project your 3rd eye level to the immortal basbeball diamond and bombard thru with a collective positive energy field that that bring the RED SOX triumphant as they reign victorious from the pearly gates of THE PROMISED LAND of FENWAY PARK!! GO SOX GO SOX GO!!!!

7:40 PM  

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