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Monday, March 16, 2009

The teaser (2/23/09)

My son David and I had fun last month putting together a very rough mock-up of the first segment of our film. The 16 minute sampler is called a “teaser” for obvious reasons, and it was exciting to do, because it helped me get a real sense of how the film’s story might actually come together in a fun and informative way. We took some liberties in editing, using some unlicensed clips from MLB and pretending that we’d been able to sign up our dream narrator, local Sox fan Matt Damon. We used a photo of Matt in a Sox cap along with a voice-over by David to capture the mood (sort of), but because Matt hasn’t signed on to anything, we obviously can’t distribute this sampler. Still, it helped us to envision more clearly what we really want, and to feel the enthusiasm that a clear vision creates. And those are very important steps in the manifestation process.


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