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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Abraham (9/12/09)

The leading teacher about the power of intention these days, in my opinion, has been Esther Hicks, a workshop leader who gives voice to the teachings of Abraham. Their books are bestsellers, their CDs and videos are funny and understandable, their live workshops are unforgettable. I was able to ask them their thoughts about baseball and intention in an October 2006 workshop; the 10/21/06 blog post called “Interview with a ghost” has some of those highlights. I’ve been trying to get their permission to use footage of that conversation in our film, but after having been burned by the movie version of The Secret (Abraham’s teachings inspired that #1 selling book and film, but Esther and husband Jerry felt their material was misrepresented in the movie, so they pulled out of that project).

I’m not a Taurus, but I didn’t give up when they rejected my original request back in 7/09. They said that their participation in the JoS movie felt “upstream” – their lingo for “not in alignment with their vision”, ie “Nyet!”. However, I kept up a nice correspondence with their video guy Mike, and when my son David and I put together a video mockup of how we’d use the Abraham material, that seemed to be the magic touch. Mike showed it to Jerry and Esther, and they said yes. We’ve succesfully completed the licensing agreements, and the Hicks’s were way easier to deal with than MLB! The upshot is that we have access to some extremely clear, insightful and funny, material about group intentions. And we also have an affiliation with one of the most visible teachers on the New Age circuit.

Check out www.Abraham-Hicks.com for more.


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