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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Red Sox Nation celebrates Mothers' Day

Yikes! If I ever needed an incentive to get the bugs out of my RNG program and get our prototype energy meter up and running, Mother’s Day did the trick. No, I’m not saying that my Mother’s Day gift generated so much energy that it would have blown the RNGs out of the water (though I’m pretty sure my Mom appreciated her gift). I am saying that the Red Sox game on Mother’s Day was one for the ages.

As the next day’s headlines said, “Never-quit Red Sox score six in ninth inning to win”, in a real come-from-behind marvel. If it hadn’t been for one colossal managerial blunder by the Orioles’ manager, this game would have ended with the Sox losing 5-0, on a three hit complete game gem pitched by rookie Jeremy Guthrie. But an infield error (not Guthrie’s) put one of our boys on base with one out in the ninth, and led the O’s manager to yank Guthrie in favor of some “well rested arms”. Needless to say, the Sox suddenly came alive, and delivered a double, a single, two walks, a double, a walk, a fielder’s choice and an infield single to win 6-5, and trigger a celebration that was every bit as boisterous as some of 2004’s clinchers.

Oh, to have been at the park for those magic moments! The game would have been the best test yet of the sensitivity of the RNG program. Fact is, a seismograph would have done the trick, as the players and crowd scored at least a 7.0 on the Richter scale. Truth be told, a fair number of fans were already on their way home when the rally started, but the Sox themselves never doubted for a minute.

Check out these post-game quotes to see how the power of intentionality and single-minded focus can help you create a desired outcome. Each quote illustrates a different principle of this weird science of intentionality:
• “This team, the game is never over ‘til it’s over” – infielder Julio Lugo (hope against all odds, and not foreclosing future
outcomes because of how the current situation may look).
• “Honestly, with this team, anything is possible. But the way this team approaches the game is that we don’t think about
what anyone thinks, or whether people in the stands left the game”- pitcher J.C. Romero (disregard others’ opinions and
fixate only on one’s own goals).
• “A dropped popup, and the next thing you know, a combination of some magic here and some really good players that
don’t quit.” – manager Terry Francona (never lose focus, recognizing that such a focus can lead to uncanny outcomes).
• “You wake this crowd up, and it can wake anybody up” – catcher Jason Varitek (the importance of the crowd’s energy in
fueling the players’ high performance).
• “Me and Tim Wakefield looked at each other on the bench in the ninth inning when they took Guthrie out, and we said,
‘We’re going to win this game’. We both believed it. That just shows what kind of character we have on this team. These
guys are unbelievable.” – starting pitcher Josh Beckett. (staying focused on positive intent, and being able to visualize the
hoped-for outcome).
• “Games are never over here in Fenway Park. We know that.” – Kevin Millar, former Sox fielder, and current Baltimore Oriole.
(the universe is infinitely responsive to positive intent, and to negative intent – the O’s fear of failure – as well).

All in all, it was a primer in intentionality and creating one’s desired reality. And those guys don’t even read this blog – they’ve developed an approach to success without having access to all this state-of-the-art science. Go figure!


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