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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A wild ride on the computer

So after these manic-depressive highs and lows, I was a little uncertain of where we stood. A bubble had burst, and was back in a funk, especially after hearing that several PC glitches needed to be debugged by me – for example, the Norton Antivirus program that came with the new PC was viewing this proprietary Psigenics software as a problem, and was wasting a lot of computer capacity to monitor it. This cut down significantly on the number of data points generated by the RNG test, and made our results fall far short of the continuous stream of data we desired. So there I was, an avowed technophobe, faced with the daunting task of disabling some unwanted software without destroying the whole project at the same time.

I probably could have used some ACEP technique to heal my software phobia, but instead I chose to stew. And stew. And stew. I finally realized that this attitude wsn’t helping matters, and so, as a pick-me-up, I decided to review some of the Abraham audiotapes from his workshop last Fall, in particular the one where I got to ask him about baseball and intentionality (see the blog posted on 10/21/06 – “Interview with a ghost” - in case this story has slipped your memory). The tape review session had its intended effect, as I quickly felt juiced and excited once again. And what happened over the subsequent 24 hours was even more remarkable than this quick mood reversal. The sequence of events here is important, because one of the tenets of this new science of intentionality is that when you’re in a positive frame of mind and are focused passionately on your goals, things fall into place more readily in your life (or “the universe manifests for you that which you are vibrationally attracting”, as they say in their jargon). It sure looked like that was exactly what was happening to me now.

That very evening, Joel emailed to report that our previously elusive MLB contact had finally deigned to return his phone calls about negotiating our contract with them. I also got an email from the producer of a regional Sox-themed TV show about a possible filmed interview on NESN, the cable network. And I also got a request from a publisher of psychology books to submit a manuscript based on my presentation at ACEP (normally, writing a book proposal is a major project, but I’d had a proposal for a book on energy medicine ready and waiting, gathering dust in my file cabinet - actually, in my dustfree hard drive). And I finally heard back from a foundation I’d been trying to approach for funding of a research project on chronic pain. So it seemed as though I’d hit the trifecta -quadrifecta? - just by getting my inner groove back again (just like Stella). Maybe it was only a coincidence, but when fluke events like this happen often enough, you gotta figure that there’s some serious cause-and-effect action going on. Somebody ought to do a documentary on it.

And we will. Our next step is to get the bugs out, and head back to Fenway. There’s certainly been a lot to measure these days. The recent 4-home run inning against the Yankees would probably have been off the charts as the young season’s most dramatic moment so far. And that tangible crowd energy was certainly recognized by our local sportswriters. One headline after the next day’s game, a game that was marked by a noticeable lull in intensity, read “At Fenway, electricity was no longer current”. A good pun, and one we want to validate.


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