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Volume 6, Issue 5: Joy of Sox updates for 2014

Hello Joy of Sox Fans,
February is a slow sports month, unless you're a fan of snow and ice and Winter Olympics (which I'm not!). To help you through this quiet time, here are some exciting links to visit, all of which provide a glimpse into a future where group energies are recognized and fostered:

  1. The World Tapping Summit: - Sign up for a week of free online talks about the tapping technique that Salty demo'd in Joy of Sox. Get tips from experts on everything from sports performance to health issues and financial success(!). Starts Feb. 24.

    Sign up for a week of free online talks about the tapping technique!

  1. Energy Psychology Conference: - During the annual meeting of the tapping therapies association (ACEP) in Phoenix, Rick and friends will host a tour of the energy vortices in nearby Sedona on May 29. Hope you can join us, to feel the power of Mother Earth.

    ACEP 16th Annual International Energy Psychology Conference

  1. Cellphone coherence app: - The computer device used in The Joy of Sox to measure the vibe at Fenway will soon be available as a cellphone app, if enough people help out:

    Support the Cellphone coherence app!

  1. The Sports, Energy and Consciousness Group: - features pro athletes, coaches and sports psychologists using the latest mind/body techniques to enhance performance. Our new book should be out this Spring.

    The Sports, Energy and Consciousness Group Website

Hope that's enough stuff to keep you busy until Opening Day!

Happy shoveling,
Rick and the Joy of Sox team

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