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  1. - Humor & Mojo
  2. - JoS in Toronto
  3. - A Spin Off
  4. - Metronomes


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Volume 6, Issue 3: Joy of Sox - The World Series, 'nomes, the NFL and Toronto!

Hello Joy of Sox Fans,
Lots of interesting stuff in today's newsletter and let's send some mojo to our Red Sox!

  1. Keep the mojo going - Two grand slams, we're in the World Series, and it's tied 2-2! Here's a great article on how humor is the key to the Sox's great chemistry this year: Humor & The Red Sox Chemistry

  1. The JoS Joy in Toronto - Rick had a presentation on "Group Energies in Sports" at the 15th Annual Conference for Integrative and Energy Therapies in Toronto on Sunday, October 27. You can learn a little more about what these presentations are at this link:

A spin-off - At meetings like the Toronto one, Rick has met sports psychologists and athletes (including 2 ex-NFL stars) who use energy techniques in their training. We've formed "The Sports, Energy and Consciousness Group". More information is here:

Metronomes - If you liked the metronome scene in the movie (where the 4 out-of-phase 'nomes gradually come into synch), you'll love this clip: Metronomes

Here's a story about a Joy of Sox Movie favorite and his positive influence: Big Papi Gives a Pep Talk

Be sure to watch the World Series and send the Sox some mojo. Or any other team that you love!

Best wishes for the Autumn,
Rick and the Joy of Sox team

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