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Volume 5, Issue 3: Spring Updates from The Joy of Sox Movie.

Hello Joy of Sox Fans,
Well it's been a long but particularly snow free winter up here but thankfully spring is in the air! We're a bit overdue and a lot has happened to tell you about:
  1. Kindle - The Joy of Sox book is now available in Kindle format on Buy The Joy of Sox Book!

  2. MLB - Final edits are being completed with Mark Steele, now that the licensing with MLB has been approved, and their authorized High Definition video clips are in our hot little hands..

  3. Tapping - One of the energy techniques that's featured in the film involves tapping your own acupoints (Jarrod Saltalamacchia does the movie demo). If you're interested in experiencing it yourself, a series of free online audio's are airing: HERE

    Rick is one of the featured speakers, but is only accessible to those who buy CDs from the conference. Not a great set-up, but that's how they arranged it.

  4. Facebook - we're behind on our posts on our Blog (For you blogosphere types) and Facebook (For facebook lovers), but now that the Red Sox season is well underway, we'll get back to commenting on the energy habits of Red Sox Nation.

One sad piece of information to pass on. Carl Beane, The voice of the Red Sox died tragically in a car accident on May 9th. We all send out thoughts and prayers to his family and Red Sox Nation mourns his loss.

Rick and the Joy of Sox team!

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