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Volume 5, Issue 2: Joy of Sox hits the road

Hello Joy of Sox Fans,
Condolences to our brethren in Patriot Nation, and thanks to the Pats for an exciting season. But it's time to get back to work, and I'll be hitting the road to spread the word and to raise funds for MLB rights. Several upcoming events may be of interest:
  1. Joy of Sox hits the road - We've got several public appearances coming up and hope you can make it to one (or all) of them!

    • February: A lecture in Boston Something local! At BU on Friday Feb 17 at 4pm, "Group Energy Phenomena and Sacred Spaces: From the Lab to the Ballpark" is open to the public. It's at 745 Comm. Ave, the School of Theology, Room B19.

    • March: A film event in the Bay Area -
      Our first film festival - north of San Francisco (unfortunately, for our Boston fan base) at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). A weekend of "transformational cinema" that will include panel discussions and networking with other like-minded souls.

    • April: A summit on-line -
      An online introduction to a very popular energy technique (EFT), used by several of the players in our film. I'll be one of their featured speakers, as will a couple of psychologists who work with pro ballplayers. This one is free, and will be a game-changer (over 300,000 people participated last year!).

    • May: A conference in San Diego -
      A great place to learn more about the "tapping" therapies of energy psychology, with Continuing Ed credit for you psychologists in the crowd. May 31-June 3 (in San Diego)

  2. Design Contest - We'll need a design for the DVD cover (front and back) and would appreciate ideas, drafts and etc. Drop us an email, and we'll get back to you with details. Thanks!

Happy offseason,
Rick and the Joy of Sox team!

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