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  1. - Collapse P1
  2. - Collapse P2
  3. - PBS & MLB
  4. - Fundraising


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Volume 4, Issue 6: The Collapse, PBS and Fundraising

Hello Joy of Sox Fans!,
What a long strange trip it's been. A long overdue newsletter here, and as a result there are several items to highlight.
  1. The Collapse P1 - The real reason the Sox collapsed in September is because we didn't send out a Fan Mojo Reminder. Sorry - mea culpa.
  2. The Collapse P2 - In a recent blog post, I touched on lack of chemistry as the real culprit. But here's a better analysis, from Jackie MacMullan: Underachieving Boston Red Sox flunked chemistry

  3. PBS - We're postponing broadcast until the Spring, since Major League Baseball is taking forever to give us a cost estimate for the licensing fee. Fingers crossed that it'll be an affordable amount.

  4. Fundraising - We're looking for a handful of donors (companies or individuals) who'd like to be featured sponsors on PBS ("The following show was brought to you in part by..."). A few donations in the $10-25k range would do the trick. Tax-deductible, of course.

How are you handling the collapse? Any tips for psychological survival would be appreciated!


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