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  1. Coast to Coast AM!!!!
  2. Kickstarter Update!


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Volume 4, Issue 4: Coast to Coast AM!

Hello Joy of Sox Fans!,
We have more exciting updates:
  1. Coast to Coast AM - I'd like to let you know that I will be appearing on Coast to Coast AM's Monday night radio show. For us east coasters that means it actually starts at 1:am (EST) on Tuesday 4/26. You folks on the west coast won't need to be such night owls. For you the show starts at 10:pm (PST).

    Here's some helpful links about Coast to Coast AM:

    We'll try to post a link to an audio clip of the show if one becomes available!

  2. A BIG THANK YOU to the backers of our fundraiser - A huge thank you to all who donated or spread the word of our fundraiser. We reached our goal and will get the funds. We had 73 incredibly generous backers reaching a total of $5,537!

    View our list of backers!

    We can't thank you enough and it's always hard to ask for more. But... While those funds will help us finish editing the film there's still a long way to go. What's next for the film? We'll need to start looking at distribution costs. That means fees from PBS for distribution. That means royalty licensing fees from MLB. That means legal fees (boo!) That means application fees from film festivals where we apply to have the film screened. And it means other unforeseen fees as we work hard to get the film distributed and bring it to the masses.

    Any help is greatly appreciated:

Check out Coast to Coast AM if you can, and Go (Joy of) Sox!


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