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  2. The JoS on PBS?


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Volume 4, Issue 2: The Joy of Sox freebies

Hello Joy of Sox Fans!,
We have two important updates for you:
  1. Freebies, or lower taxes? - The Joy of Sox movie has just entered a fundraising partnership with , in which donors are entitled to freebies. Gifts range in value from:
    • JoS decals ($5 donation)
    • DVDs of the film ($35 donation)
    • VIP seating at our opening ($250 donations and up)

    Details are at The Joy of Sox on page . These donations are not tax deductible, as are the ones made via our website. So choose your benefit - lower taxes or free goodies!

  2. PBS - It's not yet official, but Vince has been in talks with one of PBS's primary distributors, and they are very interested in JoS. We are in the process of negotiating a deal, and will have details next week. Obviously, being aired nationally on PBS would be HUGE, as in GIGANTIC! So cross your fingers and let fly with your positive intentions.
Thanks for your support, and have a Happy Spring Equinox!


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