The Joy of Sox Movie Vol 3 Issue 3: Rick needs a quote, and Papi needs some love!

Hi Red Sox Fans,

Just a quick blast to get you the latest on the Joy of Sox Movie:

  1. QUOTES - Rick is almost finished with the companion book to the Joy of Sox movie, but he needs a quote to end it with a final flourish, one that combines inspiration with a focus on positive emotions. So if you have a favorite that you'd like him to consider, please send it to us at

  2. PAPI - We all know David Ortiz is swooning, and Terry Francona might not give him many more at-bats to break out of his slump. So this Friday night's game will be crucial for his chances to recover this season, and that means we have to send him the love at 7 pm. If you love Big Papi, this is your chance! Check the April 9, 2010 blog post for a reminder of how to manifest the mojo.

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