The Joy of Sox Movie Vol 2 Issue 9: 2010 update!

Hi Red Sox Fans,

Due to a mild case of the winter blahs, it's taken a while to put together this update, but here's what's cooking:

  1. Dr. Rick will be giving a talk about JoS locally, on Saturday April 17 at the Mass School of Professional Psychology in West Roxbury. It's open to the public; registration details and a link will come with the next newsletter, and can be found at

  2. If you happen to be in San Diego in June, here's another JoS lecture: Click Here

  3. Our Editorial Consultant, Vince Straggas (formerly of PBS) will be working with Rick on a 10 minute "sizzler" or "teaser". It's the next step up from a "trailer", and is geared to reel in the donors.

  4. The companion book to the movie should be ready in June. Rick is putting the finishing touches on it, and thanks to the miracles of self-publishing, it'll be ready in a couple of months. Ordering info will be provided in the next newsletter, when the dates are definite.

  5. As always, please recruit a friend. Our mailing list is growing, but we haven't reached critical mass yet. Send them this email so they will have the links below to get started!

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