The Joy of Sox Movie Vol 2 Issue 7: Emmy and Abraham join the team!

Hi Red Sox Fans,

Some updates on the Joy of Sox Movie:

  1. More good news! Vince Straggas, an Emmy Award-winning producer/director from PBS has agreed to be our Editorial Consultant. And the gurus of intentionality, Jerry and Esther Hicks (of Abraham fame) have given us the OK to use live video clips of their comments on Joy of Sox. For details on both exciting transactions, see the 9/12/09 blog posts here: 9/12/09 Joy of Sox Movie Blog Post

  2. PhotoShop help wanted: Would one of you dear readers please edit this Image. Right click the image and do a "Save As". I would like to alter the graph so that the gray area (the large horizontal rectangle) is a couple of shades darker? Email with questions, and results. Many thanks!

  3. Best song ever? Go here ( She’ll be missed.

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