The Joy of Sox Movie Vol 2 Issue 5: The Joy of Sox Movie: A theme song, a TV spot, and some blog posts

Hi Red Sox Fans,

Big news on the JoS front! Weíve been featured on Fox News Channel 25, and have been gifted with the theme song for our movie.

  1. In case you didnít catch it, go to THIS LINK for a really nice preview of what we want our movie to look like. Foxís production values are hard to beat, and they did a good job highlighting our content, too: Watch The Joy of Sox Movie coverage on Fox 25 News

  2. JoS friends Dan Page and Rob Crawford (the VP of Red Sox Nation, by the way) have come up with a doozy of a theme song. This link will let you listen to the MP3 FILE of their song: The Joy of Sox Theme . Let us know what you think, how it should be used, etc.

  3. Rick is back from a trip to England, and has a few new blog posts to catch you up on his cross-cultural learnings (including ONE POST that reveals the surprising reason why David Ortizís slump finally came to an end).

  4. And donít forget this Friday at 7pm Ė two minutes of mojo for our boys!
Hope your summer has been as fruitful!

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