The Joy of Sox Movie Vol 2 Issue 4: Fox News to feature Joy of Sox on Monday at 10:30pm!

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Hi Red Sox Fans,

  1. For you local Bostonians: Tonight on Channel 25 at 10:30pm (right after the 10pm news), Channel 25 will run a short feature on the Joy of Sox movie, including an interview with Rick, excerpts from the trailer, and a nice healthy dose of positive PR. Check it out, and invite your friends to tune in too. For those of you who miss it or are out of the Boston area, we'll try to get it put up on our YouTube site shortly!

  2. Also, our team is catching up after some well-earned vacations, so expect some new blog posts shortly on topics like Red Sox fans in England (hint - there aren't any) and trash-talking in Europe.

    In the meantime, enjoy those rays (solar, not Tampa Bay).

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